Coconut Oil Boosts Brain Function and Combats Alzheimer’s…With a Single Dose

The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is increasing at a frightening rate, and cognitive decline in general is a more prevalent concern than ever before.

Neurological degeneration is occurring at progressively younger ages (even people in their early forties are experiencing symptoms of moderate to severe Alzheimer’s), thanks in large part to the toxic and inflammatory nature of the modern world. Poor dietary choices (especially the consumption of processed foodsgluten, and sugar), rampant environmental toxins, glyphosate-contaminated GMO foodsfluoridated water, and mercury-laced vaccines and dental fillings all take their toll on the brain—and that’s just a small selection of the hurdles to optimal brain health.

And these health-sapping habits and toxin sources don’t just affect those who have already developed Alzheimer’s. If you’ve ever experienced “brain fog,” difficulty concentrating, chronic fatigue, or any lack of mental acuity, you know what it feels like to have inhibited brain function.

Luckily, Nature has a ready-made solution for us. Mounting evidence shows that coconut oil dramatically improves brain function and combats Alzheimer’s disease—one study, along with other anecdotal reports, even demonstrates that it does so with a single dose!

The perfect brain food

Did you know that your brain consumes 20% of your daily caloric intake? It needs fuel too! And just like the rest of your body, it tends not to work so well when it runs out of fuel (or when it’s forced to run on “low-octane” fuel).

The “fuel” in coconut oil—healthy saturated fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s)—just happen to be perfect brain food. They easily make it through the blood-brain barrier, the protective sheath that separates the brain from the rest of the body’s blood. The brain’s willing acceptance of MCT’s speaks volumes for their healthfulness, as an exceedingly small number of substances can make it through the blood-brain barrier (even other healthy fats don’t make it through as readily because they’re too large).

Because of the ease with which MCT’s make it into the brain, they are a viable alternative to glucose as an energy source. And unlike glycogens (the energy unit or “body” related to glucose), ketones (the energy bodies related to MCT’s) are powerfully anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, vasodilatory.

What this means is that coconut oil gives your brain a break from the inflammatory quick fix of glucose, and in the process, improves cerebral blood flow, neutralizes free radicals, and quells inflammation (which is at the root of cognitive degeneration).

All of these facts about MCT’s help to explain the incredible findings of the ground-breaking study mentioned above. After only 90 minutes of giving participants emulsified MCT’s, the researchers found elevated levels of a ketone body called beta-hydroxylutyrate (beta-OHB) in the participants’ blood—and 20% of the participants dramatically raised their cognitive test scores as long as this elevated ketone body count remained steady. [1]

This remarkable benefit has been further substantiated by a number of people who have experienced the Alzheimer’s-fighting effects of MCT’s first-hand. For example, one doctor, Dr. Mary Newport, gave her husband a single dose of coconut oil—and was shocked to see that he immediately improved his cognitive performance test scores by a full four points.

Her husband continued his daily coconut oil regimen, and after only five days, he already felt like he had gotten his life back. He noted that “the light switch went on” and “the fog lifted” the day he started taking coconut oil!

You can hear Dr. Newport’s whole story by watching the following video.

What We Know

We know that Alzheimer’s drugs have failed. We know that a drug company put a non-patentable natural substance (MCT) through an FDA trial, and it worked. But, it has now been discovered that a natural substance can be substituted for the expensive drug.

The amazing thing is that the natural substitute works better than the drug version. The ketones actually last for eight hours in the body when coconut oil is used versus three when the synthetic version is used. If this actually catches on, it could bring the drug monopolies to their knees!

The benefits of organic coconut oil are remarkable and well documented. Always use high quality Extra Virgin Unrefined and Organic Coconut Oil.

It’s always a good time for coconut oil

The powerful brain-boosting effects of MCT’s thus fly in the face of conventional Alzheimer’s propaganda, which perpetuates the myth that it cannot be prevented or cured. Learn more about how to prevent or reverse cognitive decline by picking up a copy of Natural Mentor’s free book, 11 Ways to Help Prevent Alzheimer’sjustenter your email address in the box below.

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Whether or not you or a loved one is suffering from cognitive decline, it’s always a good idea to integrate coconut oil into your life. Consuming it every day will sharpen your mind, raise your energy levels, improve your mood, and offer potent protection against neurological degeneration. And because coconut oil is 66% MCT’s, just 2 tablespoons delivers the same therapeutic dose that studies have shown to be effective.

By making coconut oil a part of your daily life (e.g. cooking with it in lieu of inflammatory vegetable oils, adding to smoothies, and baking with it), you’ll rejuvenating your entire body…because coconut oil boosts more than just your brain. You can read about many more of its benefits, including weight loss, immune support, and hormone balance, here.

And for a comprehensive breakdown of how coconut oil can supercharge every aspect of your health, be sure to pick up a copy of The Coconut Oil Revitalization Blueprint. Superfood fads come and go, but coconut oil is the real deal—getting started with this perfect functional food today will help you thrive.

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