Baking Soda and Lemon Juice Combo Eradicates Cancer

There’s perhaps no better illustration of modern medicine’s absurdity than conventional cancer treatments.

In its allopathic quest to target and destroy “enemy” cancer cells, chemotherapy and radiation therapy wreaks havoc on the rest of the body too, killing countless healthy cells, destabilizing the immune system, and weakening the body’s overall functioning.

This kind of warfare treatment ignores the fact that cancer cells are the body’s own cells that have mutated because of systemic imbalance. Just as allopathic medicine refuses to focus on lifestyle strategies for preventing this imbalance in the first place, it also chooses to target cancer cells as isolated foreign agents rather than attempting to restore overall balance throughout the body.

What is unacceptable is that modern medicine promotes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical intervention to the exclusion of all holistic and lifestyle-based treatment methods. Meanwhile, the world is full of healing foods that powerfully fight cancer without harming the body in the process.  

We’ve written at length about some of these cancer-healing foods: turmericgingerolive oil, and more. But there’s two even more common food items (both of which are probably in your kitchen right now) that are extraordinary anti-cancer foods: lemon juice and baking soda.

The cancer-healing power of alkalinity

Lemons have all sorts of cancer-fighting tricks up their sleeves. They’re full of vitamin C (a dramatically underrated nutrient that’s been shown to cure a staggering array of diseases if taken at high enough doses), as well as other antioxidant phytochemicals called limonoidesStudies have even shown that lemon extracts directly kill cancer cells and inhibit the spread of cancerous tumors.[1]

Studies have even shown that lemon extracts directly kill cancer cells and inhibit the spread of cancerous tumors.

Thus, this simple fruit fights cancer just like chemotherapy and radiation, but without any of the horrendously toxic side effects.

What really sets lemons apart, though, is their ability to invigorate, strengthen, and alkalize the body (this is where baking soda comes in too). While the ability to kill and inhibit cancer cells is nothing to scoff at, the real secret to beating cancer is much more complicated: the body must be restored to its natural and ideal condition, within which cancer can never flourish. This is exactly what happens when the body is brought into a perfectly alkaline state.

A huge movement has grown up around eating an alkaline diet, and for good reason. It’s universally understood that the body simply functions more optimally when an ideal pH level is maintained (on the pH scale from 0-14, anything above 7 is considered alkaline, and the sweet spot for your body is right around 7.45). Studies have shown that individuals who maintain this slightly alkaline pH over time are at much lower risk for cancer, as well as many other chronic diseases.[2]

The “alkaline diet” trend has been criticized as overblown, with opponents arguing that too much alkalinity is just as bad as too much acidity.While this is true, it’s very difficult to over-alkalize the body with lifestyle choices like alkaline food and water consumption.

The majority of the American diet is extremely acidic, so it takes a concerted effort to balance the effects of eating in this way for an extended period of time. Caffeine and alcohol also strongly acidify the body. And even if you abstain from all these acidifying substances, the experience of stress (which is nearly impossible to avoid in our crazed modern society) will drop your pH into the acidic range.

Nearly everyone could stand to alkalize their bodies—and lemon juice and baking soda is an excellent way to do so.

By their very nature, baking soda and lemon are a powerful food science combination that works against chronic disease, inflammation and cancer. Once inside the body, these two therapeutic food agents begin to help create a more alkaline environment.

Here’s the bottom line: nearly everyone could stand to alkalize their bodies—and lemon juice and baking soda is an excellent way to do so. Baking soda is alkaline by nature, and while lemon juice is technically acidic, its ability to raise pH once metabolized by the body is well-documented.

Baking soda creates a more alkaline environment within

Sodium bicarbonate (known as baking soda) is a natural occurring mineral that provides many profound healing benefits. Baking soda is extremely powerful for reducing or balancing acid in the body, which is at the source of many illnesses including cancer.

The many benefits of lemons

Because alkalinity is a condition that balances the body on every level of being, the benefits of lemons extend far beyond cancer prevention and treatment (though this ability alone should be enough to prove that they’re a superfood).

They’ve been shown to act as potent antibacterial, anti-parasite, and antifungal agents (again, without harming your body’s healthy cells and gut flora like antibiotics).[3] They even calm stomach ailments (everything from bloating and constipation to more serious chronic conditions), soothe heartburn, regulate blood pressure, and balance mood disorders like anxiety and depression.[4]

Ready to reap the benefits of Lemon + Baking Soda?

By combining these two powerful foods, you not only help the body detoxify, but you also provide yourself with way to overcome the problem of cellular acidosis that might lead to serious disease.

One cup of purified water, combined with the juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon and one half teaspoon of baking soda a day is a great way to keep the fear of cancer away!

Try it today!

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